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Segundo encuentro Nacional LAMA en Cuba 2011

1. For Cuban Sustainable Motorcycling

2. Sport Calendar Motorcycling 2010.

3. The Latin American Motorcycle Association arrives to the western end of Cuba. Already makes more than half year in -February 16 the 2008- a group of Havana motorists was arriving at the town Entronque de Herradura its objective was to celebrate in the Cuban countryside the 106 Anniversary of the motors Triumph, because this establishment was the place of bigger presence of these classic motors in Pinar del Río. Enlarged Concetration.

4. The motorcyclists from Cuba pilgrimage in Havana, Cuba June 21 at 9:30 o'clock a.m. for the “Day for the Absent Motorcyclist”. Enlarged Concetration.

5. On Saturday May 23 the 2009 it was presented the DVD "Cuban Harlistas". The passion for the motorcycle in Cuba is a very bound millennial art to the life of the Havana that had its birth September 3rd of the year 1899 when made its entrance to Havana, Cuba the first tricycle. Already in the first decades of the XX century the initial dealers of motorcycles in the island Excelsior-Henderson (1918) and the Harry Brothers representatives of the Harley- Davidson began to compete with its pilots in these motorcycles, using these machines systematically for its tasks and hobbies. In the years 20 José Luis Bretos take the representation of Harley and the hegemony for more than 4 decades...





The enthusiasm for the Harley increases exponentially in the entire world. Example of it is that in Cuba, nowadays, it follows this passion lives for these legendary motorcycles. It evident shows was the Premier when was presented the DVD "Cuban Harlistas" the works that it averages the art of maintaining the Harley-Davidson in Cuba. Event that began with the minute of silence to remember the deceaseds owners of Harley. Presentation by the MOCLAC President Luis Enrique González Sáez, the Director of DVD Guido Giansoldati, presented in one of the living rooms of the historical Hotel National de Cuba while a torrential cloudburst baptized the motorcycles in the Malecón habanero.





Many lovers of these jewels will be able enjoy the material soon, faithful exponent of the life and work of the Harlistas of Cuba, make it by a team of Italian producers under the grateful stamp of SONY.

6. FIRST NATIONAL FAIR FOR THE 110 ANNIVERSARY OF THE "MOTOS IN CUBA” August 21 to 23 in the Ferial of Rancho Boyeros, Havana City, Cuba. Enlarged News letter No. 3..

7. Visits for second time Havana, Cuba Mario Nieves International President of LAMA. The visits included, another journey for the Cuban Bikertour from Havana City until the Glorious Santa Clara.

8.Bikertour in Cuba. February 18, 2009 the HARLEY-DAVIDSON began The 4to EVENT CLASSIC MOTOS - THE HAVANA, FEBRUARY 2009.

9. The Havana motorists gave bereavement farewell to the Vice-president of the MOCLAC: The 31/12/08 were buried on Necropolis of Columbus's Nelio Acosta a young Cuban motorist that gave great part of his life to the Motos Clásicas de Cuba.

10. Championship of National Cuban SPEED-MOTORCYCLE 2008. THE COMMISSION OF ARBITRATION, NATIONAL MOTORCYCLING -José Peon Pérez- communicates the results of the speed races for categories were in 2008:

50cc infantile

José C. León 190
Héctor Tapia 142
Kevin Martí 128
Julio C. Ferro 102
Lorenzo Rodríguez 91
Víctor Rosales 82
Luis Orama 31
Gustavo Rabasa 11
Ernesto A. Arencibia 8

All from Havana City

65cc infantile

Javier Valderrama 140 CHA
Max Angles 138 CHA
Osmany Beovides 121 HAB.
Alejandro Noa 109 CHA

150cc younger than 18 years

Degnier Gutiérrez 180 CHA
Mario Urrutia 126 PR.
Suaran Matías 100 PR
Luis L. Valdez 76 CHA
Luis A González 16 HOLG.
MicheL Collado 13 S.S.
Dairon Muñoz 10 HOLG.

150cc younger than 21 years

Carlos Correa 124 CHA
Marcos Alfonso 116 CHA
Carlos Gutiérrez 111 CHA
Julio Cesar Román 61 PR.
Kevin Fernández 25 CHA
Renan Morales 16 HOLG.
Yasmany García 13 S.S.
Damiel Fernández 11 HOLG.
Leandro Ramírez 10 TUNAS

250cc. Supersport.

Lucien Vázquez 170 CHA
Alexis Vega 125 CHA
Reinier Gutiérrez 117 CHA
Maikel Pérez 85 CIENF.
Yassel Muñoz 76 CHA
Gustavo Vázquez 45 CHA
Yerandy Córdova 40 PR.
Michel Pérez 13 S.S.
Reinier Izquierdo 11 PR.

NOTICES: All the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS are from Havana City.

11. "The Galician" turned 91 years, the old runner of "the feathers" on the island of Cuba (Indian Custom Racer).

The Galician is undoubtedly some of the few veterans ones and grandparents of the motos that are still alive in Cuba!

Today, he no longer has vision, but remembers in occasions his feats... His fabulous stories, victories and motos were named on the entire world by countless followers of the motorcycling sport . For that reason, we take advantage of this space, to present this picture:

-Christmas of 2008 - of the one that was the faster runner of the motors Indian in Havana, Cuba.

12.The Classic Motors of the capital carried ou the first Demonstrative Races with Le Mans start in the Malecón habanero.

Saturday, December 20 th 2008, 10.30 a.m. the children , athletes, motos pilots, classic cars inaugurated the Demonstrative Competitions "Le Mans" start in the historical Malecón habanero.


  • Athletes of Karting, Motocross of the infantile and juvenile area of the - Municipality of 10 October -.
  • Pilots and cars of the Escudería -A lo Cubano-.
  • Pilots and classic motos of the capital -MOCLAC, LAMA, EMICCH-.

13. Winners of the motos races on the track GUAMA, of Pinar del Río 2008.

14. The members of the "Club Fiat 125" carried out the First Rally in Havana City.

15. Fernando Méndes, "The Fat" -the free category National Champion- died in October 31.

The professor like the followers of the motor in Cuba used to call him, accompanied the lovers of these hobbies on countless activities on the island, he was one of the founders of the Rallys for motos in 60's decade, when it was impossible to continue with the Rallys for cars begun in 50's decade; due to the lack of spare parts for cars.


Fernando is part of the history of the motor on the island. His devotion will continue alive in the Corner of the Fame, on a humble flagstone dedicated to the Cuban "Champions of speed motos", at the Peña Amigos de Fangio, Havana, Cuba.

16. They granted for the first time on the "History of the Cuban Motorcycling", a prize for the Sustainable Motorcycling to: The Escudería of Classic Motors of the City of Havana.

The past November 29 th, 2008 in Cancun, Mexico it took place XXXIV Congress of the ULM and participation important personalities of the world motorcycling.

The Latin American Union Motorcycling, and the Commission of Environment ULM, granted the Prize "ULM TO THE ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORT ON THE SPORT LATIN AMERICAN MOTORCYCLING 2008".

The prize was given by Katt Hernández, President of the Commission Environment of Latin American Motocycling Union to José Peon Pérez who will make it arrive to promoters next December 27 th, 2008.




17. "Exclusive Easter moteras in Havana, Cuba."

In the morning of the Saturday, December 13 th 2008 the members of Latin American Motorcycle Association -LAMA- began to 112 Street and Fifth Avenue, Municipality Playa, Havana City, Cuba. At 10:25 o'clock Adolfo Prieto president of the Chapter of the city, explained the importance of maintaining the formation during the whole itinerary toward the occident of Havana, and that Osmin Gato would go at the end of the caravan like "Captain of the Itinerary" maintaining in order the Pilgrimage…




At 10 a haft, the party began with the sound of the potent motors, sirens and the hooters that marked the journey from the Round of 112 all along Fifth Avenue toward the vicinities of the beach Baracoa...

Once we crossed the bridge, in the distance we saw the immense tank of water that it warn us that we were near the small well-known "igloo" known as "Racho Pancho".







We entered the house though a typical road of the Cuban countryside, and parcked all the motos in slope near "Racho Pancho".




The party was very interesting, we enjoyed a true Cuban lunch, we did a raffle of garments, objects for the motorists, we also took pictures of the place, the party and the present motos ...

In the afternoon we returned after having a good time. A wonderful and exclusive Easter moteras in Havana, Cuba!




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