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What is Hobbiesenred?

Association of friends that dedicate their free time to different entertainments, professions and occupations that are part of our existence; without which, we would not be the men that we are today!

Why to contact Hobbiesenred?

If you are interested in receiving our News letter, to stay up-dated on different hobbies and what their authors are doing, you will be able to carry that out through the following electronic address.

What kindness are you obtaining with being associated to a certain hobby?

If you are included in the listing of associates of the Site, you will have the possibility to know the chore of the collaborators, to participate in the activities summoned by the same ones and to discharge articles free of payment surrendered by their main characters.

How will you be able to join to the News letter of Hobbiesenred?

Dear user: If you want to register Hobbiesenred database you can do it by means of the following connection Newsletter.

What is our Policy of Privacy?

Our Politcy of Privacy is aspects that should be taken into consideration when using, and giving information to our collaborators and friends.

What pages are in English?

The only pages and articles available in English are the ones that present the English flag before the phrases.

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