The history of Cuban Motorcycling doesn't stop, we propietors of the motos of Cuba, are building it day by day. Phrases

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Jorge Perugorría y Onelio GarcíaFor those who have visited the motosclasicascuba place and for the new ones who don't know me, my name is Onelio García Pérez. I am a fond of Cuban Motorcycling, through this space I intend to make better use of the new technologies and therewith to achieve a "more personal" contact with my subscribers. In fact, I only kwow few of them in person, maybe because they have participated in some of our encounters, received the Newsletter of Hobbiesenred, or for other circumstances of life.

Lorena GarcíaThere is a Chinese proverb that says: "A glance is worth more than a thousand words", for that reason, dear visitors, I want to approach with you by means of free articles, interviews, images, comments on Cuban Motorcycling and therewith, to add a different touch to the topic that occupies us -Newsmotor- Primer Encuentro Nacional LAMA CUBA. Video Youtube "Montadoras Harley-Davidson en Cuba". Video a: María de los Ángeles Santana

I hope you enjoy this new channel, and it would be very good to receive the respective feedback, to be able to improve our sites with you, to elaborate new topics with new contents -Manual de protección- and this way, to constantly improve our hobby. See recent pictures in the Gallery!

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To star "speaking" about the first Cuban Motorcycling we have to go back to September 3rd of the year 1899 when made its entrance to Havana, Cuba the first tricycle marks Prinetti & Stucchi, according to the reference of the Magazine "El Fígaro" that had a benzina motor, patent Prinetti, simple design, easy to maneuver, based on a wing that united the three wheels or intervention points; its motor was placed in the center of gravity, aspect which transformed it into a stable motorcycle in any surface type. At that time the motor DeDion Bouton manufactur by the French, led the power market. At present, we only have a picture of very little quality and the aforementioned reference so we are not able to absolute the true mark of the motor. From that moment on, that tricycle began to circulate in Havana appearing different queries among the people in Havana relating to that "motorcycle". Beginning a long fight between the dealers and owners over the primacy in the nation, "fight" that has lasted until our days.

The grandparents of the motos in Havana narrated that being very little, they listened to stories about the leader of different marks in Cuba, the first Excelsior-Henderson business (1918), the Indian, the European motors, the Harley-Davidson used by the police, although their first fleet was of the mark Peugeot.

...Runner in Havana 1918...

...The formation of Classic Motos of Cuba -MOCLAC- and LAMA in Cuba were bound to different events that arose with the disappearance of the socialist field, -during the 90's- for more details, go to the Digital Book "Motores Clásicos en Cuba".

House of Triumph is a project in development deviced by the Vice-president of the EMICCH (Osmin Gato), he has as a fundamental objective to increase the love for trips on motorcycles -Bikertour- and the rescue of their histories. It will embrace other marks present in Cuba, those activities will be summoned by their proprietors and it will be shared in family.

An interesting story published in the Magazine Moto Clásica.

Panoramic pictures of three moments of the Cuban Classic Motorcycling:

By: Llorente

Picture taken by Llorente, December 28, 1941. Property of Osmin Gato, Captain of the Cuban Bikertour group, 25 motorcycles and their owners in Cuba.

By: Llorente

Picture taken by Llorente, decade of the 50's. Property of Raúl Rodríguez Acosta, 26 motorcycles and their owners in Cuba.

By: Onelio García Pérez

Picture taken by Onelio García Pérez August 10, 2007, 66 motorcycles and their owners in Cuba.

An present, the lovers of sports of the motor of Havana, meet on Saturdays in the afternoon night at Peña Amigos de Fangio, a place where famous artists and personalities of the world go to appreciate the Classics of Cuba. In that place there is a book that registers Ecoriders of Cuba.

Bikers of LAMA in Havana, Cuba and in the races in the Malecón habanero:













Pepe Carbajo, La Habana 2010The Academia of Television surrenders homage to the Cuban Bikers!

The historical landmark that was reflected in the publication of the Academiatv Magazine in Spain, besides a commemorative Badge seated in Havana, surrendered by Pepe Carbajo and dedicated the Moteros de Cuba 2009. The homage is located in the Peña “Amigos de Fangio” (Friends of Fangio Club) for the success of the FIRST FAIR OF "BIKES IN CUBA".

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