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For me, like for many people, it is difficult to comment on oneself, for that reason, I leave this space to my dear teacher and her own graph to synthesize my existence:

Few times a professor has the possibility to follow the trajectory of some of his good students along the time. Life wanted my children to have Onelio García Pérez as a professor during their secondary education, after having him sitting in my classroom and discover in him a restless boy, with desires of teaching, and also, with a great interest in everything related to technology.

Majored in Teaching, in the specialty of Labor Education and Technical Drawing at the Higher Pedagogical Institute Enrique José Varona in Havana in the year 1984, he specialized in mechanics, internal combustion engines, electrotechnics and electronics.

He worked as educational in different provinces of the country and his interest in pedagogy made him study a second specialty, that of Pedagogy and Psychology later, in the same Pedagogical Institute, graduating in 1994, so I had him for the second time among my students. I convinced myself then that our meetings were not just simple coincidences but that we would be good friends from then on.

Interested in teaching, something he might have inherited from his parents' devotion, concern, and hard work. Enthusiast and creative by nature, he found in electronics and mechanics what later made him leave the classroom behind and begin working at ETECSA (Telecommunications Company of Cuba, S. A.), moving from technical occupations to others in the commercial area. At present, he works at the Clients' Business Unit at Miramar Trade Center, where he has spread his natural innovation instinct in Programs of Attention to the Client, Manuals, Approval of the Commercial Procedures, Systems of Administration of Quality, elaborating in many cases his web versions and incorporating his abilities to those related to the use of information technologies and communications.

He was born on the 25 March of 1962, in Havana City. He has always been a hardworking man in the best sense the word. His concern for the well-being of his family and friends extends to everything that implies development and progress for his homeland. In the last years he has dedicated his free time to the study and investigation of Classic Motorcycle and at present he is a member of the Escudería of Classics English Motorcycles Havana City (EMICCH), where he is in charge of the Contents Control, to impel and to create his web project, contaminating many with his enthusiasm for these activities. This web site takes his personal touch and I believe that it will give him the opportunity to share his experiences with many in a form different to the one that he has had along his life, when he appears surprisingly hurried, but always solicitous, as a good friend.

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