Denis Ramírez Naranjo:Denis Ramírez Naranjo

Telecommunications Engineer

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Innovative professional with 22 years of progressive experience within theTelecommunications industry and the skills to drive business growth, capitalize on new revenue potential, and manage all aspects of daily business operations. Proven skills creating strategies and developing clients and vendor relations.

Employment History

ITG Comcast (Formerly AMTEC) - Miami, Florida (08/2011 - 08/2014)
Installation Technician

  • Responsible for performing residential standard home theater installations associated with video installations and service (troubleshooting) to tap; routine multi-product disconnects (requested and non-pay); inspection and
    installation/upgrade of residential ground/bond as needed; and signal leakage detection and repair, in accordance withcompany procedures and practices.
  • Completed installations of customer equipment in single and multiple family dwellings including pre-wired units; performed additional outlets installs, reconnects, and change of service; performed all installations adhering to Company
    procedures and safe work practices, NEC and NESC requirements, and local ordinances in order to provide services to the customer.
  • Communicated with customers in a clear and straight forward manner and represented the company and its service philosophy to the customer.
  • Functioned with an increasing degree of proficiency and a decreasing degree of supervision with regard to those skills and tasks for which training and instruction are received during tenure in this position.
Etecsa Telecommunications de Cuba S.A - Habana, Cuba (03/2003 - 06/2011)
Vice President, Marketing
  • Advised, supervised, designed, started up and directed studies related to implementation and marketing of telecommunications network, commutation equipment and data transmission systems and the quality of their functioning.
  • Studied new technology projects documentation and prepared mounting plans, measurements and started up of the new installations for telecommunication networks and information technology.
  • Supervised traffic measurements, established methodology and processed the results.
  • Taught courses, seminars, conferences throughout the country.
  • Participated in the Investment plan negotiations, analyzed and negotiated the investment budget with the investors.
  • Directed and developed the implementation of new products and services.
  • Researched market conditions for local, regional and national areas creating marketing campaigns generating revenue for over 5M a year to our company.
  • Gathered information to determine potential market, new sales channels, product lines, information on competitors, price, sales, and methods of marketing and distribution.
  • Executed the elaboration and fulfillment of the strategic and operative marketing plan.
  • Executed, supervised and controlled the customer portfolio and executed the shopping plans.
  • Advised, supervised, programmed Inmarsat Phone & Broadband products.
  • Supervised and participated in operation process.
  • Supervised installation and post-installation service and maintenance.
  • As a previous position as Telecommunication Engineer duties included design, configuration and set-up voice, video, and data communications systems.

Copextel S.A. - Habana, Cuba (11/1989 – 02/2003)

  • Technical Assistant Specialist in Key Systems Telephone and Network Systems
  • Performed projects of weak currents, visited clients and determined the client needs.
  • Verified installations costs, equipment and materials.
  • Advised, supervised, programmed, started-up, configured and set-up of the Key System Telephone, VoIP and back-up system.
  • Hired the installations qualified personnel.
  • Attended Account Receivables and payments methods.
  • Tutored a degree thesis named “Basic Programming of a Digital Key System GDK-PFII” Year 2002.
  • Taught seminars and presentations to explain the latest technology.
  • Point to Point Programming of Key Telephone and Network Systems.
  • Commercialized and installed private, public telephone centers and call centers for conventional telephony and Internet Protocol, modules and cabinets.
  • Installed telephone interconnection accessories such as strips, connectors, terminal boxes, module jacks, telephone cables and interfaces.
  • Installed, set-up, rearranged and removed switching, distribution, routing, dialing equipment (central offices and head ends), wiring in buildings and other communication equipment.
  • Serviced and repaired telephone, cable television, internet, and other communications equipment on customer’s property.

Education and Training

  1. University of Havana B.S. Electrical Engineering 07/1993
  2. International Caribbean Supplier S.A. Panasonic 03/2011
  3. Marketing Academia de Artes y Oficios Felicidad 12/2009
  4. International Caribbean Supplier S.A. Panasonic 12/2009
  5. PLC ETECSA 11/2005
  6. Marketing Strategies University of Havana 12/2004
  7. Digital TV ETECSA 10/2003
  8. VoIP ETECSA 10/2003
  9. SIGTA ETECSA 09/2003
  10. Transmission Satellites ETECSA 06/2003
  11. Digital Boards LG GDK-FPI 05/2002
  12. Postgraduate Fiber Optical I.S.P.J.A.E. 05/2000
  13. System de Cableado Estructurados BICC Brand Rex 05/2000
  14. Fiber Optical BICC Brand Rex 05/2000
  15. Fusion Fiber Optical BICC Brand Rex 05/2000
  16. Postgraduate Commutation Digital I.S.P.J.A.E. 07/1998
  17. Technician LG Electronics, Panama 07/1997
  18. Digital Systems LG Electronics, Panama 05/1997

Additional Information

  1. Trilingual Spanish, English, and Italian. Taught " How are used and implemented, GPS Satellite Systems”.
  2. Introduced and implemented into the country Ultratech Uniphone 1140 TTY for Deafness and Hyperacusis, taught theory and practical courses and seminars.
  3. Considerable knowledge of personal computer application software: Photoshop, Image Ready, MS Project, MS Office (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint).
  4. Installation, configuration, maintenance, implementation, troubleshooting of workstations on network, peripheral devices, printing policies in the network, hardware and software problems.
  5. Installation and maintenance of Electronic equipment; such as, Sound & Vision, Electric Circuit, Solar Panels, Telephone and Television Cable, Internet, including Fiber Optics and other equipment for Transmitting Messages and
    Television Programming.
  6. Extensive customer service and interviewing experience.

Driver's license, categories: A (Auto) B (Moto)

Denis Ramírez Naranjo
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